With every website we develop we ensure that the layout is professional, supports your business message, visually engages and retains visitor interest, and matches your own styling preferences. We provide for this by creating professional graphics for web and print of all types.

If you have existing images for use on your website we can optimize them to achieve the best visual quality possible.

We can repair and enhance images, size, crop, and remove backgrounds, create engaging animations, style the visual elements to match existing branding, and provide stock images.

The images at right is a sampling of the diverse graphical types we have created for our clients.  These include Facebook cover images, static and animated banners and promotional ads, logos and icons, graphical headers for websites, collage images for cups, newsletters, brochures, product labels, and more.

A listing of the graphic design services we most commonly provide follow.

Mastheads and Sliders

Mastheads, often referred to as the header graphic, is a primary image focal point of a website’s home page. Popular masthead options include a singular representative images with text overlay, image collage, cycling image slideshow with or without text overlay, accordion style, and round-about style.  The website interior pages may also include a vertically shorter background masthead in the title section.

Cover Images and Promotional Banners

Cover images (similar to mastheads) are used in the popular Social Media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and help to ensure visual continuity with your web presence. The cover images we create will effectively represent your business by visual branding, and promoting your primary business services. Promotional banners have long been used on the web, and we create linkable banner graphics of all size dimensions, as well as Flash and Gif animated.

Logos and Business Cards

To assist our clients with continuity across all of their marketing efforts we create custom logos and business cards. Our business logos are carefully designed to brand your business effectively, and are styled and optimized to look great both on your website and in print. Our business cards are created with high resolution graphics to ensure that they look great in print, with careful consideration in size and typeface choice for optimal text readability and for compatibility with a client’s selected print-house preferences for image format, dpi and bleed.

Brochures and Fliers

When it comes to name branding, creating visual media, be it in print or for the web, it is necessary to stand apart from your competition. We have the experience to create engaging brochures and fliers that are optimized for the print medium. We can also create PowerPoint presentations, and convert existing presentations into Flash and 3D Flip-books.

Additional Services

Additional graphic design services we commonly provide include PDF Conversions, high resolution image scans, color sampling for design palette, image extraction, custom website backgrounds and layout accents, image mapping and slices, PowerPoint presentations, product labels, spherical images, custom cup designs, and Flash animated images for which our specialty is water animation.