We understand the importance of keeping costs down which is why our development rate is about half of what other professional web designers charge.  We never rent a site, so once the website is paid for it is entirely yours to do with as you will.

Estimates: Development estimates can be given once we have a good idea of the scope of the work to be performed, and the resources needed to complete the website are available.  We provide an estimate range for web developments to account for variable factors – the degree of customization needed, advanced coding requirements, cost of purchased resources, image requirements, copy assistance needed, number and complexity of pages, SEO work needed, etc.

We invoice for our websites in four payments (20%, 30%, 30%, 20%), and monthly payment plans are available for larger websites upon request.

Please note that all estimates for development services are defined by the information provided by the client and may change if additional content is requested after an estimate range or quote is provided.

Guarantee: If at any point you are not satisfied with the work being done you are free to cancel the project and all work/resources previously paid for will be provided to you. Additional information on our services is provided on our Web Design page. Please contact us if you have questions.

Web Desgin for all device resolutions

A landing page is a one-page site, and is often used when the business does not yet have enough content for a multi-page site, or for marketing purposes (using additional domains to create inbound links to a primary website, for holiday promotions, or to feature a specific product or service). A landing page website can be either standard HTML5 (no database), or a CMS (WordPress).
Cost: Landing page website development starts at $600, and is typically in the range of $800-$1500.


A standard website is a traditional multi-page website that is coded in HTML5 (the current standard). Unlike an CMS, a standard (static) website does not use a database to store text content, or a templating system to render dynamic pages. A standard website is the most secure and customizable development option.
Cost: Standard website development starts at $800, and is typically in the range of $1000-$2000 (small websites); $1500-$3500 (medium websites); $3500-$5500 (large websites).


A CMS (Content Management System) is a multi-page website that is coded in PHP. A CMS is a “dynamic” site, which simply means that the page parts (header, body, and footer) are connected (assembled upon viewing) while the text content is stored in a database. CMS websites provide an administrative access panel for making content changes, and they allow for visitor interaction, such as Blogs, Polls, and Forums. Of the many CMS options available, we work exclusively with WordPress and Joomla since we feel these are the best, and most secure of the options available.
Cost: CMS website development starts at $800, and is typically in the range of $1000-$2000 (small websites); $1500-$3500 (medium websites); $3500-$5500 (large websites).


A mobile-only website is developed using the JQuery mobile framework, and can be either one-page or multi-page. In most cases mobile-only websites are created when the existing business website is very large and has everything that is needed (except that is not responsive). In this case, the mobile site is created to provide a simpler version of the site that loads only for mobile phones and small tablets (htaccess redirect script is used). It is important to note that while a mobile-only site can be an effective option for an older site, we recommend a responsive layout so as to avoid a duplicate content penalty, and to save the time/cost of having to build and update two separate websites.
Cost: Mobile-only website development starts at $600, and is typically in the range of $800-$2000.


* All the websites we develop utilize the latest coding standards, which currently includes a responsive layout framework. A responsive layout provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience by using flexible grids and layouts that automatically switch to accommodate the device resolution, with image and typeface resizing, columnar content stacking, and a mobile-only menu for small devices. CMS websites require a Linux database, and mobile-only sites require access to the root htaccess file.

Our edits/additions service is when you need assistance with making changes or general content improvements to a standard or CMS website we’ve developed, or one that was developed elsewhere. This service provides for most website related needs, including text and image changes, script and plugin installation and configuration, PDF conversions, and related. Most routine changes are completed within 24 hours of the request date.
Cost: Edits/additions are $35/hr (billed to the quarter-hour), with an initial 2-hour minimum for new clients.


Our CMS management and support service is provide to assist our CMS clients with database and file backups, platform upgrades, theme updates, firewall and security plugin configuration, and Virus/Trojan removal.
Cost: CMS Management and Support is $35/hr (billed to the quarter-hour), with an initial 2-hour minimum for new clients. We provide a 50% discount for our web development clients who use this service for automatic updating.


Our optimization and marketing service is provided to assist new and existing clients with improving their online ranking. This service includes a detailed SEO assessment of all pages, keyword research of your industry with regard to your specific products/services, for which we make site-wide targeted SEO corrections in all important SEO aspects. We also set up Google Analytics, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, check online ranking and inbound links, submit to the major free search engines and directories, and track.
Cost: Optimization and marketing starts at $300 and will vary a lot dependent upon what is specifically needed. In most cases a site does not require monthly optimization after changes have been made.

We prefer not to work with website builders (and other hosted templating systems) since they are designed to be simple, which in turns limits their ability to be customized and extended. Just the same, we understand that for many people the initial cost of a website builder is less, and they can be easier to maintain than a CMS site. If you need assistance in this regard, we do have general experience with GoDaddy’s Website Builder and Online Store, Schoolloop for academia, Network Solution’s website builder, and to a lesser degree Volusion and SquareSpace.
Cost: Website builders development is $35/hr (billed to the quarter-hour), with an initial 2-hour minimum for new clients.


We know the importance of having a good social media presence, and we are pleased to assist new and existing clients with their online presence. Our social media services include assistance with account set-up, settings and permission, cover images and content inclusions for Facebook and Twitter; and if needed we can also help with Google+, Pinterest, etc.
Cost: Social media development is $35/hr (billed to the quarter-hour), with an initial 2-hour minimum for new clients.


When you have a business there are a variety of graphic/image requirements over time. We assist new and existing clients with this by editing images (sizing, cropping, colorization, repair, optimization), the creation of images (logos and marketing Ads/Banners), Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Image Coffee-Cups, Calendars, etc.
Cost: Graphic design work is $35/hr (billed to the quarter-hour), with an initial 2-hour minimum for new clients.