Our estimate calculator provides an approximation of the total cost for the development of a new website or a full redevelopment.  While our calculator will provide you a ballpark idea of the expected total cost, every website will have a different degree of complexity per its type and content needs, and as such the cost may be a bit more or less accordingly.

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Please select for each

For a 5-page website, you would select “4” on the slider since the home page is included in the price estimate.  For a 1-page (landing style website) you would leave the slider at “0”.

Development Preparedness

Advanced Page Types

Development preparedness

With new websites it can be challenging to know what is needed in regard to the number and type of pages, and the text and images to include for each.  A good starting point is to browse the websites of your top ranked competition and take notes on how their content is presented, how the pages are named, what is said, and the type of images used.  If you need help with images we can suggest where to buy affordable stock images, and we also assist with content sourcing, copy-writing, and proofing.

Advanced Page Types: Gallery and Portfolio

If you simply want to display and title your images then the gallery is the correct option. The portfolio is when you want to “also” provide a page for each image where you can describe the image or project in detail, add links, etc.  Our examples section includes both an Image Gallery and Image Portfolio.

Advanced Forms

If you only need a contact form then you don’t need to select this option.  As noted, advanced forms are when you need a custom form for quotes, appointments, employment inquiries, registration, etc.  Prices will vary based upon the complexity of the form type.

All web development estimates include:

  • A thorough assessment of existing website (where applicable)
  • A professional “responsive” design utilizing the latest development and coding standards
  • A customized visual layout to match your company image and branding
  • Content extraction from existing site as needed
  • General copy assistance and content suggestions
  • Image cropping, optimization, and file sizing for web
  • Content placement for all pages utilizing the best features of the chosen layout
  • Home page with image slideshow
  • Contact form with location map
  • Search engine optimization of page titles, descriptions, and heading tags
  • American Disabilities Act compliant images, links, and web forms
  • Document conversion to PDF
  • Social Media integration
  • Website security measures (Advanced Firewall protection for CMS websites)
  • Hosting and domain set-up / transfer support
  • Google Analytics set-up and site inclusion upon request
  • Submission to the primary search engines
  • Overview training documentation