We provide affordable content and maintenance updates to ensure that our client website pages are kept current and secure. Our update service includes content assistance with static and CMS websites.  We assist our clients with all facets of web design, including web page development, copy editing, social media, and image creation and editing,  Updates are made 7 days a week, and most website changes are completed within 24 hours of the request.

XHTML and HTML5 Website Updates

We have experience with development and editing of all HTML and CSS code versions, including HTML3, HTML4, XHTML, and HTML5.

CMS Website Updates:
We assist with content updates for the popular WordPress and Joomla CMS (Content Management System) website platforms.

Social Media Updates:
We help our clients setup and maintain all popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest.

Website / Social Media Pricing:

  • 1-5 min ($4.38)
  • 6-15 min ($8.75)
  • 16-30 min ($17.50)
  • 31-45 min ($26.25)
  • 46-60 min ($35.00)

CMS (Content Management System) Maintenance

In addition to content change needs, most CMS platforms will require regular upgrades and updates to provide new features and important security enhancements.

Our CMS maintenance service includes:

  • CMS platform version upgrades
  • Theme upgrades
  • Plugin and extension updates
  • File and Database Backups
  • Security monitoring and patches
  • Visual inspection of web pages
  • Malicious Script Removal / File Restoration

Maintenance updates and site monitoring will typically cost $10-$20/mo. If your site’s security ever becomes compromised through the updates or security measures we’ve implemented, disinfection, restoration and repair is provided without charge.

CMS Maintenance Pricing:

  • $0 (1 plugin)
  • 1-15 min ($4.38)
  • 16-30 min ($8.75)
  • 31-45 min ($13.13)
  • 46-60 min ($17.50)

Additional Information

All development work is performed per the conditions and terms of our client services agreement. We invoice for all updates quarterly (every 3 months), for which we note the changes made, the time required, and when the change was made.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
If you are in need of SEO work on your website please view our search engine optimization page.  Pricing information is located on our pricing page.

Access requirements:
Static website updating requires FTP access
CMS website updating requires administrative and FTP access
CMS maintenance updating requires administrative, database, and FTP access

For Joomla websites I typically suggest my development partner, Marco Conti, of www.conticreative.com.  Marco specializes in the Joomla CMS, and charges approx. $150 /yr for his maintenance service.

Please note that I do not work in tandem with other design companies or individuals since each developer will have their own idea about what works best and is otherwise needed.